State-of-art equipment

a qualified team and kilometres of experience!


We provide national and international transport services. We operate across the whole Europe, mainly in Austria, Spain, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain.
To adjust our service to the customers’ needs, we use vehicles with the capacity of 24,8, 6, 3 or 1,5 tons. We have vehicles with soft-sided trailers, which enables loading from the top, side or back. The size of such trailer is 7,7m + 7,7m, 2,5 m (width), 3m (height), 120m3 (capacity). As we are aware how our branch influences the environment, all ourvehicles meet strict European exhaust emission standards.

Loading height: 2,50m
Loading width: 2,10m
Loading length: 4,20m
Loading capacity: 10 EURO pallets
Loading capacity in kilos: 1200 kg
SOLO vehicle 
Loading height: 3 m
Loading width:  2,5 m
Loading length: 7,7 m
Loading capacity: 19 EURO pallets

Road trains
Loading height: 3 m
Loading width: 2,5 m
Loading length: 7,7m + 7,7m
Loading capacity: 38 EP (120×80), under 28 PP(120×120)